Medical Marijuana

Medical Benefits of Consuming Marihuana

For years, marihuana, despite of having numerous health benefits, has led an underplayed existence – but no more. The medical importance and uses of marihuana has taken the modern science world by storm. Its medical uses has its roots in as early as 2737 B.C, when Shen Neng, the emperor of China, popularized the cannabis tea as an effective healing agent for illnesses such as malaria, gout, rheumatism, and poor memory.

Mitch Earleywine, a prominent researcher on drugs and addiction, states that the popularity of marihuana spread across Asia and Middle East and then came to Africa. People in these regions started using the drug as a treatment for pain and stress. An Irish doctor named William O’Shaughnessy noted the amazing use and effect of this drug in India and he popularized it in England and America.

Unfortunately, the wake of 1800s saw morphine addiction spread its tentacles across the United States, affecting the youth at large, and as a result of this the attitude towards drugs of any kind changed dramatically. During this period the Food and Drug Administration was established to limit the uses of chemical substances. Although marihuana was never mentioned specifically in the original FDA guidelines, the laid down rules and regulations limited its use as a medicine.

Furthermore, the Marihuana Tax Act levied such outrageous taxes on physicians prescribing the medicine or retail pharmacists selling the medicine that its use was completely ruled out commercially. Fortunately, the modern researchers have finally pulled out marihuana from the pit and through various controlled studies they have shown the world the various medicinal use and benefits of this drug.
Marihuana’s Various Health Benefits

You can get marihuana in different forms such as a pill that can be ingested or as an edible version that can be added to cookies, brownies and candy bars. Studies have shown that the drug can be used as an effective pain reliever. It works as cannabinoids that helps in alleviating pain and brining relief. It causes to activate the cannabinoid receptors in the brain which again suppresses the pain. It is highly effective in brining relief from neuropathic pain, or the pain caused by damaged nerves.

When the drug is used in the form of sprays, it eases the stiffness of muscles and reduces the pain or burning sensation. It is also beneficial in improving the appetite of HIV/AIDS patients and thus are also known as “the munchies.” Medical marihuana is also frequently used to treat nausea that is brought about by chemotherapy sessions.

Recent studies have shown that the drug can also be used as an effective treatment for glaucoma that caused by elevated pressure on the eyeballs and this may lead to blindness. Smoking marihuana can provide relief from intraocular pressure, however in order to benefit from its use the drug should be consumed numerous times throughout the day.

More studies are being carried out to bring to the world other health benefits of the drug, and popularize its use so that more and more people suffering from pain and stress can benefit from its use.

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